Two mobile apps for parents and bus drivers with school web panel

Real Time Information

Parents can track and monitor the precise location of the school bus.

Proximity Alerts to Parents

Alerts are sent to parents on preferred distance before the school bus reaches the pick-up or drop point.

Notifications to Parents

Real-time app notifications when a kid is picked up or dropped in school


Safety Alerts

Notifications are also sent when a kid starts from or reaches school.


Precise tracking of the school bus enables parents to plan their time efficiently.

Ease of Use

BusTrack’s easy user interface offers multiple language support and adaptability across different OS platforms.

View parents’ locations on the map

Driver can see the pick-up/drop-off location of all parents

Call Parents from the app

Driver can search parents by name or telephone number and can call a parent from the app

Live tracking

By enabling live tracking module, the parents can tell precisely where the bus has reached, thus enabling forward planning.

Quick loading efficiency

Light application, does a lot with minimum phone internet speed and data.


School Admin Panel

Transport Managers or school administrators have various tasks including student safety, addressing parent concerns, allocation, and optimization.

Our admin panel is designed to manage these tasks without any hassle.


View your registered parents, drivers, and get statistics about mobile apps usage at a glance


Update school address by writing its address. Do not worry! Google maps places API will show up a list of addresses that match your entered address


Manage drivers with add, read, update, and delete capabilities. Also, view the real-time location of a driver on the map


Manage parents with add, read, update, and delete capabilities. Also, view the pick-up/drop-off location of a parent on the map


Manage the school profile


Pick a plan that suites your institutional needs.


Super Admin Panel

Super admin of SBurK has many tasks including managing different school accounts, configuring payment plans, and monitoring his Stripe balance.

Our admin panel is designed to manage these tasks without any hassle.


View your registered schools and your Flutterwave balance at a glance

Manage Schools

Manage your registered schools and view their current plans

Payment & Settings

Manage the payment plans and configure every plan detail. Also, configure the system by providing necessary keys for various features including Google Maps, Flutterwave, ...


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